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August 2016 – Leaving is Always Hard

For me it’s always mixed emotions at the end of a trip sad to be leaving but happy knowing that I will always come back.  This trip was more of a reccy for new routes and possible itineraries so I went on my own.

Some friends and strangers too, have said to me I’m brave to travel alone but the truth is I’m never alone here. There is always someone to call on , someone to watch out for me and someone to offer assistance whether they be a friend or stranger.

I would never have attempted to drive thousand of kilometres around Morocco , let alone in Marrakech, without the help of my navigator , interpreter , (especially needed when I was stopped by the police ) guide , photographer and being a ” Mr I Will Sort It “. I am for ever indebted to Rachid for his willingness to help , never ending patience and being  a calming balm when I was threatening to have a meltdown when driving through weekly market crowds or peak hour in Marrakech.

His wonderful  family always wrap me  in a warm cloak of hospitality. The abundant joy and love they share with me is something I hold in my heart . I was privileged to spend Eid al Adha with them and  their loving acceptance, without judgement , laughing with me me not at me ,at my poor attempts speaking Tamazight and my clumsy tries  at greeting the correct way. Their generosity and warmth will always be remembered. This is the Berber way.

For me travel is not just about the scenery and sights. The people you meet are just as important It is people that leave the lasting memories. So my heartfelt thanks to all those that crossed my path either by design or accident. Haddah, Najat, Yassine, Fatima, Haddah, Aisha, Rachid, Ashraf, Hassan, and many more that helped make this trip memorable. Especially  little Nouman whose beautiful smile and hearing him call ‘Pinny!” always made my heart melt.  Leaving is hard and they are always missed.  Until next time.

Tanimert xx



About the Author
Penny based in Melbourne , has been taking tours and treks in Morocco since 2013. As well as her passion for trekking she enjoys reading , music , real tea, good coffee and loves cats. She hopes to continue on with her anthropology studies and maintains a keen interest in social justice, equality and politics and plans to keep travelling and sharing the country she loves

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