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I Climbed a Mountain – How it all began

      In 2013 I went to Morocco ,not thinking anymore than it would a bit of an adventure for a good cause and give me something positive to focus on.  It turned out to be much more ……… Six years  ago I was not in a good place. Plagued by health problems, (Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia) feeling inadequate and depressed, worried about my son who has...
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August 2016 – Leaving is Always Hard

For me it’s always mixed emotions at the end of a trip sad to be leaving but happy knowing that I will always come back.  This trip was more of a reccy for new routes and possible itineraries so I went on my own. Some friends and strangers too, have said to me I’m brave to travel alone but the truth is I’m never alone here. There is always someone to call on , someone to...
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Ali was one of the muleteers that trekked with me in the Saghro. Of indeterminable age, he was the elder in our small group and was respectfully referred to as D’ali. Although he and I shared no common language, that lack did not prevent us from communicating. This delightful kindly gentleman made my wellbeing his concern. Every evening when I arrived at camp he would get a blanket to...
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