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Who are we?

Our Philosophy

Our aim is to give travelers and adventurers a complete experience of Morocco. That is to allow you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture rather than observe as an outsider. Moroccans are renowned for their hospitality,  embracing  people from all over the world and inviting them into their homes . We also aim to care for the the places we visit and ensure we leave as small as footprint as possible. With travel comes responsibility, not just to the travelers visiting, but to the environment, people and culture. We take pride that we are a small independent agency and are reliant on the local people of each community we visit, ensuring they benefit also from our ventures.

We also like to offer adventure treks and tours for women only groups that wish to undertake outdoor challenges in a safe and nurturing environment . Please contact Penny for more information.

A final note on the itineraries on our site. These are available but we like to think that they are a guide for you. We specialize in bespoke journeys, so we invite you to discuss with us in detail what you would like to see and do . Now is the time to start your planning!

Our Team

We have an excellent, experienced team of guide ,driver, cook and muleteers at your service.  Said, Nouredine, Hassan, Ibrahim, Abdul, Lahcen  and Mohamed have many years experience between them. The needs and comfort of clients is of the up most importance to them. They love to share their Berber culture, traditions and food and you will honor them if you join them  . You will be enchanted by their sunny disposition and ever smiling faces. You may even have a  chance to play a drum with them in some traditional Berber music. That will only make them smile more.